Newmills Presbyterian Church - Serving the community within the Portadown – Lurgan – Banbridge triangle
Midweek Bible Study. The Midweek Bible Study aims to deepen people’s understanding of God’s word and help them to apply it to daily living.
bible study

Who comes to the organisation? People of all ages and from all walks of life who want God’s word to encourage and challenge them.

What are the main activities? Before the Midweek Bible Study there is a 30 min prayer time for those who can make it. The meetings have a short time of worship after which everyone breaks up into small groups for Bible Study. From May to August we continue to meet for a praise and prayer hour.

When does the organisation meet? Winter session: September – Easter Prayer Meeting @ 7.45pm, Small Group Bible Study @ 8:15pm Summer session: Easter – September Praise and Prayer Time, 8.30-9.30pm

Where does the group meet? Lynn Building

Is there a weekly, monthly or annual fee?

What are the usual start and end dates

Who are the Leaders of this group?

Rev Gordon Best, Trevor Campbell, Malcolm McKeown, Valerie Sharpe, Mary McConkey.