Lakes Run Report

Posted on June 9, 2017 · Posted in General

On Wednesday 7th June, Newmills took to the lakes to run, walk, specatate and marshal at the annual Lakes Run event hosted by ABC. Thanks yet again to the Council and Daryn Greene in particular for hosting the event which was enjoyed by many of us.

The weather was cool and overcast with a bit of light rain and while this didn’t make great conditions for those watching or our four Marshals (Pamela Best, Marina McDowell, David Nelson and Paul Edgar), it was a good night for running in the cool conditions.

A fantastic turnout again this year with great levels of participation. With quite a number of Newmills kids and parents taking part in the 1k Family Challenge and 50 runners taking part in total across the 10k and 5k events, this was a superb turnout of Newmills folk and while of course our emphasis as always is on participation rather than race times, details of those who took part are listed below.#

Of particular note were Ross Bingham (the comeback king!) who was the fastest of the 10k runners and Peter Davison who had another excellent performance this year in the 5k and was the top placed Newmills participant.

The top three in each race are listed below:

10K (Male)

1) Ross Bingham 2) Gordon Brown 3) Bill Gardiner

10K (Female)

1) Judith Dowey

5k (Male)

1) Peter Davison 2) Peter Martin 3) Charlie Williamson

5k (Female)

1) Zoe Adair 2) Connie Williamson 3) Ella Davison

Well done though to absolutely everyone who helped raise the Church’s profile by taking part in Newmills colours on the night. All Newmills results are listed below. A group picture will follow asap! Until next year……

10K Race

Ross Bingham 00:44:38 10k
Gordon Brown 00:47:03 10k
Bill Gardiner 00:47:53 10k
Mark Dowey 00:48:26 10k
Ian Elliott 00:48:31 10k
Stephen Sharpe 00:53:04 10k
Judith Dowey 00:57:36 10k
Keith McKeeman 01:04:00 10k
5K Race
Peter Davison 00:21:30 5k
Peter Martin 00:22:14 5k
Charlie Williamson 00:23:47 5k
Nigel Moore 00:24:05 5k
Zoe Adair 00:24:52 5k
Jaime Gardiner 00:25:27 5k
Connie Williamson 00:25:50 5k
Peter Aiken 00:26:00 5k
Harry Shepherd 00:26:03 5k
Ella Davison 00:26:28 5k
Stephen Beattie 00:26:36 5k
Katherine Martin 00:27:09 5k
Nathan Milne 00:27:12 5k
Harry Moore 00:27:22 5k
Calum Guiney 00:27:25 5k
Philip Neill 00:27:52 5k
Harry Neill 00:27:52 5k
Neville Doake 00:28:23 5k
William Neill 00:28:55 5k
Lottie Williamson 00:29:23 5k
Andrew Williamson 00:29:23 5k
Rebekah Lee 00:29:30 5k
Stephen Roleston 00:30:02 5k
Gillian Shepherd 00:30:28 5k
Andrew Shepherd 00:30:35 5k
Paul Silcock 00:31:00 5k
Sharon McCord 00:32:09 5k
Ellyn Neill 00:32:23 5k
Lee Heare 00:32:50 5k
Lauren Sturgeon 00:32:54 5k
Heather Sturgeon 00:33:06 5k
Luci Mullan 00:34:47 5k
Katie Best 00:34:48 5k
Joshua Lee 00:35:24 5k
Sammy Heare 00:36:03 5k
Tracey Roleston 00:37:28 5k
Caroline Beattie 00:38:58 5k
Karen McCormick 00:39:06 5k
Rachel Cubitt 00:49:36 5k
Cecilia Kerr 00:49:37 5k
Valerie Sharpe 00:49:37 5k
Lynn Harrison 00:49:38 5k